Finally ! Samsung revealed the reason behind Note7 explosions.

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As we all know that Samsung recalls the Galaxy Note 7 with in few weeks after the Product Launch

For those who are in interested in knowing the behind-the-scene stuff that’s causing some Samsung Galaxy Note7s to explode, it’s worth knowing that the South Korean company has briefly shared the outcome of its internal investigation on the issue.

We all know that faulty batteries (from Samsung own subsidiary SDI) are to blame for the issue, but the company – on its UK website – goes a step further to explain that overheating of the battery cell occurs “when the anode-to-cathode came into contact.” The tech giant further says that “it is a very rare manufacturing process error.”

In addition, Samsung revealed that of the 35 explosions that have come to its notice through its customer service centers, 17 have happened in Korea, 17 in the US, and 1 in Taiwan. The company, however, said that “there have been no reported injuries globally.”

Finally, Samsung declined to officially confirm that it’s Samsung SDI whose batteries are at fault. When asked about this, the company just said, “Unfortunately we will not be able to confirm this as we work with several suppliers.”




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