Google launches new search engine for scientific community.

This Thursday Search engine giant “Google” launched a new search engine for the scientific community.

This initiative comes almost after eighth years followed by google public data explorer, the similar tool which allows users to search public data from.

This search engine named as “Dataset Search”, will helps the scientists, data journalists and others to find the required data set for their works. This will work similar to google work scholar, googles popular search engine for academic studies and reports.

“Natasha Noy, Research Scientist. Google AI. Said that Dataset Search let us to find datasets wherever they are hosted, Whether its a publisher’s site, a personal blog page or a digital library.

Google Guidlines:

To create dataset search, Google developed guidelines for dataset providers to describe their data in way that the search engine can better understand the content of their pages.

“This guidelines include salient information about datasets: who created the datasets, when it was published, how the data was collected, what the terms are for using the datas”┬áNoy said.

Hence Each dataset contains a detailed description which which allows to find the author of the dataset, where the data is sourced from, and what is the quality of the data (Different levels like, Country, District and City so on).



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