Procedure to Install WhatsApp without Phone Number: Mobile or PC

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Step 1 :

Download the WhatsApp to your respective device

  • Download WhatsApp for Windows devices from Microsoft store Download Link 

Step 2 :

In case if you already installed WhatsApp in your device, First delete the registered number with whatsApp and Uninstall it, Then Follow the Step 1 (Reinstall)

Step 3 :

Download the “TextNow App” in you device as an alternative to your phone number

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<How to Install WhatsApp for PC with bluestakes>

Step 4 :

Once the Text Now App is installed into your device, Complete all the setup process and Note down your Unique Number, This will be used alternative to your mobile number.

Step 5 :

Now continue your WhatsApp installation process. When you ask for the phone number, Provide your country code and  Text Now number

Step 6 :

Skip SMS Verification: Don’t take any action and make the SMS verification to fail. The next option is to call your number, Now select the call me button to receive the automated call from WhatsApp

Step 7 :

You should be receiving an automated call from WhatsApp Since you have installed and open the Text Now App. Answer the call and note down the “Verification number”

Step 8 :

Enter this verification number into your WhatsApp and Complete the setup process.

Now you Successfully completed the Installation of your WhatsApp in your Device



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