Inventor, refused to have one of his Invention in his Office

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American scientist Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first ‘practical’ telephone, refuse to have a telephone in his office. He did so because he feared that the telephone would distract him from his scientific work. Bell, whose 170th birth anniversary was observed on Friday, patented his invention of the telephone on march 7, 1876.

Things You May Not Know About Graham Bell

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#1 Graham Bell faced more than 500 lawsuits over his telephone patent.

Bell filed a patent application to the U.S Patent body on February 14, 1876, Closely an hour before one other inventor Elisha Gray announced that he is working on similar invention and filed a caveat with the U.S. Patent Office. 141 Year back the same day- On March 7, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first U.S patent for Telephone.

Later, Bell faced more than 500 law suits, Even five of the reached the Supreme court of America, Court cleared all the claims and upheld bells invention. Till date, this is considered as the longest patent battle in the American History.

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#2 After his Death, North American telephones were silenced to Paid Tribute.

Alexander Graham Bell died in his adopted home of Nova Scotia on August 2, 1922, with his beloved Mabel by his side. It’s a common custom to hold a minute’s silence when someone of note has passed away, but for Alexander Graham Bell, a remarkable tribute took place after his funeral. Every phone in North America was silenced for a minute in “honor of the man who had given to mankind the means for direct communication at a distance.”





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