ISRO’s next Expedition to setup Telescope in Moon

Credit: Elena Eliachevitch Moment Getty Images

Indian Space Agency ISRO planning to set up Telescope in moon, To inflate its scientific observation capacity. This will be the follow on mission to ASTROSAT, Said A S Kiran Kumar, ISRO Chief while addressing Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam memorial lecture at IIT Madras.

He added, Telescope setup on moon has advantages since there were no atmospheric effect as there were no atmosphere in the moon.

ISRO Discussing with Internation bodies regarding this project, This observatory will be similar to the one in Handley, West Virginia.

September 2015, India have successfully launched its first dedicated multiwavelength space vehicle, for space studies related to black hole and neutron stars.

He added, Comercially there is more demand for the small satellites where most agencies want their own satellite in the orbit.

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