Nokia 3310 is coming to India : Q2 2017

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Everyone’s favourite first mobile phone – Nokia 3310

HDMi Global unveiled the Nokia new 3310 in  Mobile World Congress 2017, Event in Barcelona, Spain. Yes, the venerable Nokia 3310 has been reborn in the modern age.

The Nokia 3310 is a feature phone and NOT running Android, One downside to the device is that it only supports a 2G network on the GSM 900 and 1800 MHz bands.

Devices features

Display:     curved 2.4-inch QCGA screen

Rear Camera:     2MP with LED Flash

Headphone Jack:     Available

SIM support:     Dual SIM

MP3 player:     Available

Internal storage:     Up to 16MB

expanded Storage:     32GB tru microSD card

Battery:     1200 mAh battery

Talk Time:     22 hours

Standby Time:     Nokia also promises a month of standby time

Connectivity Options:    Bluetooth 3.0 (with SLAM) and micro USB v2.0 


What you get, with a New Nokia 3310 ?

Source : Nokia

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The Nokia 3310 is a feature phone, launched with four primary ice catchy colour shades with to matt and two glossy finish

  • Warm Red (glossy)

  • Yellow (glossy)

  • Dark Blue (matte)

  • Grey (matte)


Image : Nokia

Image : Nokia

Even this time 3310 not missed its unique gmae. yes, but this time with new and improved version of nostalgic Snake gmae


Price Range Globally:

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