Why USB Type-C ??

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Type C Advantages:

This design will the real USB of the contemporary lifestyle.

“Recent days we’ve all come across the name type c usb connector in both advantage or disadvantage note, Here some short detail about the Type-C USB connector.”

  • Powerful USB Type-C port can be used for wide applications (from earphone connector to laptop charger), it can deliver output 20V/100W with 5A, Hence this can match the requirement of maximum charging needs, 13-inch MacBook Air required 45W link below half of its potential, Hence in Future USB Type-C will be replaced for all the major charging needs.
  • Speed USB Type-C is a super speed connector compare with other existing USBs, Even the charging speed for the mobile phones are much better than the Type B USB connectors. almost double than USB3.0
  • Reversible The great advantage of this type is reversible plug, This can be plugged in either way to the port, not as like our normal mobile chargers
  • Compatibility This cab be used in most wide ranges like mobile charging, audio output, external hard drive connector, laptop charger etc..
  • Compact  Type C USB Measuring at just 8.4mm by 2.6mm , One-third the height and half the width of the standard USB.

Source : blog.syncios

Source : blog.syncios



“Introduction to USB Type A and Type B” 


Type B USB:

Type C USB developed with the wide dimensions which represent its own application

Printer, Phone , External Charger etc..





Type A USB:



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